Welcome to ICCG 12 – Conference on Coatings on Glass and Plastics

11-15 June, 2018, in Würzburg

In 2018, participants will „Dive into the World of Coatings“ and will find this motto reflected on a number of very different levels which all serve to create a most attractive meeting space for scientists, technologists, managers, and practitioners from research, teaching and industry. There is a lot to learn and discuss about latest trends in large-area glass and plastic coatings.

New concept

To foster the idea of networking and to offer a platform for future projects, the accompanying exhibition will be turned into a marketplace for innovation. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to give short presentations or to host innovation talks to introduce latest developments on display. There will also be room for quick B2B meetings which may lead to follow-up contacts at a later stage. And it is also seen that there is time available for in-depth discussions without having to miss out on a talk or skip a presentation.