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Thin Solid Films | Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publication

In addition to the ICCG12 conference proceedings, there will be the opportunity to submit scientific papers for publication in Thin Solid Films.

To sumit your paper please follow the instructions for submission:

  • Visit: http://ees.elsevier.com/tsf/default.asp
  • Select „Submit paper“
  • Select „Register now“
  • Select „Author login“
  • If you are registered as author, please visit the author main menu and select „Submit new manuscript“
  • The system will ask for ORCID-Link, if you do not have it, please select „Cancel“
  • Select an article type, please select VSI.ICCG12
  • Please enter the full title of your submission
  • Then follow the instructions

Please note: Submission deadline for Virtual Special Issue manuscripts: July 16, 2018.

For further information please download the ICCG Publication Schedule.